"I am not normally an outwardly confident person. I am definitely not confident in front of a camera. Jaime has an innate ability to capture images of me that make me see confidence in myself. Something I want to show in my business. It's surprising, emotional and such a gift.

She does that through her professionalism and her amazing personality. She's a true artist.

Jaime's process is easy, and fun and she thinks of everything. From having a professional hair and makeup artist to being so very genuine during the shoot. I couldn't recommend Jaime Koller Portrait more for your personal branding or portrait photographer!"

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Jaime for a personal branding headshot session. To use that description, though, seems rather sterile as our time together was something even better! 

Jaime has the unique preference for connecting with her clients PRIOR to the session work in order to forge a deeper, more authentic result. This brilliance paves the way for clients to feel completely safe in their vulnerability by the time they arrive in front of the camera she so expertly commands. 

As any skilled photographer knows, there’s definitely a “sweet spot” within the photoshoot where effort, planning, expertise and connection pave way to *magic*, and Jaime absolutely hits that stride with zest! It can be completely foreign to allow yourself to be “seen” in the way photography offers, but Jamie really excels at patience and timing to allow that to come forward for her clients. 

I really appreciated her empathic and humane ability to hold space for the transformation that was taking place right in front of her as I allowed myself to be truly seen through her lens. 

Along with some emotions being shed, we also had ALOT of fun with music, movement, laughter and creativity! 

It was an exciting, emotional, and transformative shoot to say the least, and I highly recommend that ALL women who “put themselves out there” to the world consider the experience of a professional shoot. It’s so much more than just “pictures”. It’s an opportunity to introduce yourself (and all you’re about) and invest in that vision!”

"Jaime! You rock! I needed professional and fun photos, and there is no one I would trust besides you! You and your team made it so fun and relaxing so that my personality and image I wanted to portray emerged naturally. This girl knows her stuff!!❤️"
"I contacted Jaime for some photos to use on social media and on my website. From the beginning she was so responsive and really keen to “catch my vision” for the shoot, the energy and intention behind it.
On the day I felt thoroughly pampered and was made to feel exceptionally special. The images she showed me as the shoot progressed made me feel seen and beautiful. I feel I opened like a flower and I’m still blooming.
Thank you for seeing me Jaime ❤️"

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