Here are the Details:
*15 minute touchups with our styling team to bring your look to camera ready
* Wardrobe Guidelines
* 2 Outfit Changes
*2 Backdrops -white and grey
* Fully Guided Headshot Session (1/2hr)
* $400 credit towards images or a package
* Reveal & Ordering appointment immediately following the shoot (30minutes)
*Signature Retouching
48 Hour Turn-a-Round
*Total time is 2 hours from start to finish.
  All this for $525

* Additional images available for purchase

Change Your Headshot- Change your prospects!   
Having a great headshot is an important aspect of building your personal brand and professional image in the business world.
 Here are some reasons why:
*First impressions matter: Your headshot is often the first visual impression someone has of you, whether it’s on your LinkedIn profile, company website, or business card. It’s crucial to make a positive and professional impression from the start.
*Professionalism: A professional headshot can communicate that you take your work seriously and are dedicated to presenting yourself in a polished and professional manner.
*Trust and credibility: A high-quality headshot can convey trust and credibility to potential clients, colleagues, or employers. It helps build a sense of familiarity and approachability, which can lead to more opportunities and business relationships.

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