"I had the most incredible time with Jaime at every stage of this experience. During our dress rehearsal, the makeup session, and even during the shoot, I've never in my life felt more beautiful, powerful and comfortable in my own skin. She captured me in a way I've never seen myself before. This experience is a must-do for yourself or anyone you'd like to gift to which will touch the soul deeply and these images that will last a lifetime. I'll hold this moment in time close to my heart forever❤️"
Dynamic and loving. Jaime is so talented. And makes one feel like a gift. My husband just today said "I love your portraits". And I said "Jaime's portraits" ;)
"I had been admiring Jaime’s work for awhile. I loved how she could capture someone’s inner beauty and allow us to see it shine through externally. Truly works of art (her photos and her clients!)

Initially I reached out for professional headshots, but the more we discussed the process and what these photos embody and radiate i realized I had to pursue a full shoot. And wow, I’m SO glad I did. As I mentioned it’s a process as most great art we love is! From start to finish Jaime was incredible. She is extremely consultative and really leans in to listen to what her clients want, while also collaborating on something new we may not have even considered. For me these photos were meant show that I’m more than one version of myself. Whether a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, professional, artist….I wanted these photos to share those other sides. She captured me perfectly and I’m so grateful!

Jaime is a creative genius and I was Blown away by her work, process, and professionalism. I can’t wait to work with her again and encourage you to do the same if you are even slightly considering it. You will not be disappointed!!"

"2022 was a new year with a lot of changes in my life. Once I heard that Jaime was doing a 40 over 40 campaign, I wanted to participate and celebrate this decade of my life and all the changes that were trailing with it. Since I first met Jaime, I’ve known her to be a vibrant force with amazing, positive creativity. I knew the experience would be fun and she would capture the spirit of the moment that I could keep and share forever. She truly is a talent, and I would recommend her for anyone that wants to capture their story (whether personal or professional) and turn it into a lifelong memento!"

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